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Edenbridge is a town in the Weald of Kent, England on the River Eden, near the spot where the borders of Kent, Surrey and Sussex meet. Name derives from Old English language "Eadhelmsbrigge" ("Eadhelm's Bridge" in Modern English). Originally growing around a crossing point of the river by a Roman road, in the Middle Ages, it became a centre of the Wealden iron industry.

There are two railway stations serving Edenbridge. The earliest, on the South Eastern Railway (SER) route from Redhill to Tonbridge, was opened on May 26, 1842. The station is simply named Edenbridge. To the west of that station the route crosses what was once the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway main line from London to Eastbourne, opened on January 2 1888. The crossing of the two lines takes place at a mid-break in the Edenbridge Tunnel on the SER line. Here lies the second station, named Edenbridge Town. The line serving it is now truncated at Uckfield. There is no connection here between the two routes: Edenbridge is not a junction; one existed four miles to the west of Edenbridge Town at Crowhurst, but that junction no longer exists.

Edenbridge and its surrounding districts is a community of 10,000. located approximately 30 miles south of London. It was once important for iron products, leather and agriculture but it now has limited commercial importance with most employment being out of the town, notably central London.

It has a number of active societies for music, theatre and sport. It has an active Bonfire Society. 

There are many mediaeval timber buildings in the town, one of which houses the Eden Valley Museum.
Edenbridges official website is  http://www.edenbridgetc.kentparishes.gov.uk/  

Edenbridge is twinned with Mont St Aignan in France.

First twinning trip to France?

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